Well no Italy post..

But I hope to start some more updates soon

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Italy in May

I hope to make some posts on my wine trip in May… Stay tuned

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Our last day at Disney

We spent this last day at EPCOT.  Headed to Soarin to pick off a fast pass, it was good about 4 hours later.  Of course we had to see the baby cuttlefish and also a new discovery…baby clown fish (behind Heather)

P1020783 P1020778

We went to Nine Dragons in China for Lunch road the big ball, used our fast pass for Soarin then headed back to the room to change for V&A.

Of course the Chef’s table was great.. I lost track of the number of courses but it was all great!  Some pictures from the meal

 P1020800 P1020795 P1020796 P1020797 P1020798 P1020799

That was it for the day and evening… It was a great day, a hot day, but an unusual day as there was no meltdowns.  Flying home tomorrow

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Another day at MGM….err… Hollywood Studios…

As we have been to MGM a few times (I still call it MGM even though it is really Hollywood Studios) not to many pictures today…One from last night, Heather wanting to pose with her “pets”


We headed off to MGM..  arrived around 10.  Today was another day of the Star Wars weekend, so the place was packed.. Maybe not our best scheduling..  Regardless I headed directly to the Toy Story ride to get fast passes.  This time they were good for 7-8pm…Picked that up and Heather and I went on Tower of Terror (the wait here was about 35 minutes).  Heather loves this ride and was concerned that this would be her last time on it…   Told her we would try again for later in the day (and we did get a second ride).  Had lunch at the Prime Time Cafe (for most sit down places if you did not have reservations you were out of luck).  We had seen most of the shows so we just wandered around the park for a bit.  Hoping the little one would fall asleep, which she did… for maybe 5 minutes (not exactly what we were hoping for). 

Finally dinner at Mama Melrose’s and after that off to Toy Story.  Diana’s trash talking was non-existent this time which was a wise move  final score:

  • Me: 146,000
  • Diana 113,000
  • Heather 80,000

Heather does get most improved as she almost doubled her score from the day before.   Diana says she was coughing so much that it impacted her score..But the reality is I still won!!!  (but once again, if you ask Heather, she was the victor)

>undefeated in all competition rides for the last two visits<

We booked it to EPCOT to see the fireworks as this might be our last night to see them  — a picture or two

P1020761 P1020760

Only one crisis/meltdown today — just at the end of the day… Here you see a happy Heather asking for her picture to be taken


and what you don’t see is seconds later Heather slipping into that fountain.  Getting wet and another meltdown…Note to self, while heather loves swimming, getting wet when clothed equals meltdown – this from numerous tests over the last two weeks.

Final picture tonight is Diana in Morocco


Tomorrow will be a shorter day… Off to EPOCT to see the baby cuttlefish again.   But then back to our hotel for advance packing and putting on the coat as tomorrow night is the adult dinner, the chefs table at Victoria and Albert’s….With no trip to Italy this spring, this will be the meal of the year.

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In the immortal words of Blanch DuBios… I have always depended on the kindness of strangers…. this is especially true with stuffed animals, children and Disney

It was a Star Wars weekend  at Hollywood Studios in celebration of the revamped Star Tours ride.   It looked like Starcon..People dressed as Jedi’s, Darth Vader and such.  Needless to say the park was packed.  I got to the Toy Story fast pass distribution point around 10am and the tickets were good for 4:40.  We did not even try for Star Tours…

So we headed off for another go at the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror…. Diana still did not go…. But the Toy Story trash talk of my impending defeat started quickly.

Yes there are monsters at Disney World


And characters from the movies too!  (just kidding)…After the photo op we caught a  bite and a movie, well really previews, of classics like Attack of the 50 foot woman, Devil girl from Mars, IT conquered the world… All academy winners from the past.

In our pink convertible and some pictures around the drive-in

 P1020734   P1020738 P1020739

Headed off to see The Beauty and the Beast show..Diana took a picture while we were waiting in the theatre


The theatre was hot and after the show we figured it would be a good time to stroll the shops… Mainly to cool off in the air conditioning.  Oh if we had only be more astute and forward thinking parents.  But we were not.  Going through the stores Diana found a bracelet that she liked and Heather found a pin.   They were bought and paid for and in our blissful ignorance we continued down the street.  Till someone innocently asked…”Where’s the Giraffe?”  The meltdown of the day ensued.  Diana bolted back to the store where the purchases were made in hope, I pushed the stroller back to the story listening to the constant wailing “Giraffe-ie”…  Luckily for us the cast members did see the stuffed animal and put it in the back room lost and found, another stranger saved us and life was back in balance again….

Finally it was time for the Toy Story rematch… Diana had the trash talk down well and had me take a picture of her..  the “victory picture” was how she put it.


However, it was not be 🙂

The final score was

  • Me 159,800
  • Diana 145,<something>  again who cares, it was second place again!
  • Heather had 45,000  — but she believes she was the real winner of this competition

So my record remains…It looks like we will do Toy Story once more tomorrow and see what happens….

I think that about covers it for today…Only two more days left.  They will be a combination of EPCOT and the cuttlefish and Hollywood studios.

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So the weather report said rain today… so we planned for that


but the rain of course did not come till 15 minutes before the fireworks…

so of course we visited the living seas…though I was told to take more cuttlefish pictures I will not include them here.  But a quick picture of Nemo…..


For most of the day (because we had the raingear to scare the rain away)  it was a hot but beautiful day…


And we were graced with Heather getting tired and falling sound asleep so Diana could have some much needed  Champaign


Later though the rain or deluge did come, the little one was not to thrilled


What I have not mentioned is that over the day, the little one has “left” her new pet/stuffed animal twice.  Leading to two more potential major meltdowns.  First at “Soarin” where she stowed the giraffe (see the post from yesterday to see the new friend/giraffe) under the seat as instructed, but she did not  get it after the ride. 

Major thanks to stranger that chased us down to say “is this yours?”  Now looking back we should of given our first born in thanks…  well wait a minute….

Anyway, then when we were all waiting for the fire works and Heather wondered if the Giraffe was in the stroller or did she leave it at kid cot…  Of course she expected us to know…. clueless parents that we are…  It was another adult waiting in line for some prosecco that said yes the giraffe was at kid cot….

The next few days are planned to be at (MGM) Hollywood Studios…

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